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    • How to get what you want with Rogers
  • Crazyaces76

    Here are a few tips when dealing with Rogers and not getting anywhere to help you out. First of all if you use Live Chat go through the Gamecenter Live Chat option as these chats have very little wait time and go right through to a Cable/Internet and Home Phone agent. Those agents are also wireless trained and cannot transfer you, even if your issue is not Gamecenter related. Also these agents take 3 chats at a time so you are not their main focus nor can they concentrate on you. Tell them either you want to be the only chat they handle or ask for a Supervisor. Rogers believes that in order to be profitable Live Chat agents have to take 3 chats at all times. They don’t pass any of that profit onto the consumer by lowering costs for services so why should we let them have all the profit? They make enough money off of us.
    If you threaten to cancel you will go right to Customer Relations and they have many more offers that frontline agents do so to get the best deal you may want to go straight there. Also if you say you are going to contact the CRTC that is an instant escalation to a manager. Also if you say you are going to file a complaint with the CCTS ( Commisioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Service ) you will pretty much get what you want as Rogers is scared to death of any complaint that goes there as all carriers are fined for every complaint against them. In fact they keep track of how many days in a row they go without a complaint.
    If anyone has any other question just reply in this thread and I will answer. I am happy to provide ways for consumers to get a better value for our money. We work hard and our money should go further. They don’t lose any money whether you have the most basic of packages or the highest packages available so why are you paying more? Unless you like Rogers executives spending the money you worked for.

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