Motorola I think I'm sold on the Moto X Play

    • I think I'm sold on the Moto X Play
  • … pending reviews of course.

    Now I know Motorola is giving Canadians many reasons to be unhappy. Lack of Moto Maker, Lack of Moto X Style, and hard to source accessories to name a few. I can’t hold grudges forever though, and am thinking of giving Motorola a chance here with the Moto X Play

    My Nexus 4 is nearing 3 years old, and my main complaints with it are primarily due to degraded battery life, not lack of screen pixels, an outdated cpu, or lack of memory. I think the Moto X play is a very reasonable upgrade to what I have now, and its nice to see Motorola focus on the battery for the first time in the Canadian Market. If you recall, we never got the MAXX lines of phones, which I wanted oh-so-badly.

    I’ve also seen firsthand the user experience Motorola has been able to provide with their “low end” phones, specifically the 2nd gen Moto E LTE and the Moto G. They have been doing some fantastic work in this space, and it appears they will continue to do so on these new devices.

  • Clelio Neto

    Oh man, I know exactly how you feel.
    I`ve had my Galaxy S3 for ages now, struggling every day with 1Gb of RAM. I was in love with the moto x last year and the only reason I didn’t buy it was because I couldn’t find a friend to bring me a pure version from the US.
    My only real fear with Moto X play is the Snapdragon 615. I know it is just okay for today, but I’m scared it will age fast.
    The heart says, GET THE MOTO X PLAY. But honestly, if you waited this long, just hold on a bit longer to see what Google is bringing with the two new Nexus. Worst case scenario, you will get something similar, for the same price, and with better updates (and probably Android M out of the box).

  • I hear you. I’m actually really interested to see what the Nexus program is able to do, and the more I read about Huawei, the more confident I am that they would be able to make a great Nexus Device.

    I’m also curious to see if Apple will bring force touch to a new iPhone and what they could do with that. Fall is such a n exiting time for new phones

  • JTonJTon

    I’m blowing the dust off this thread, but I’ve been impressed with Motorola too. I rock the Razr HD LTE as a backup and despite it being 3 years old, it still has tons of charm.

  • Long post warning!

    Well to loop back around to my original post, I haven’t pulled the trigger on the Moto X Play. I still might, but thinking has to be done. My reasoning was as follows:

    1. I thought it would be irresponsible to buy a phone without doing my consumer due diligence and waiting to see what Apple was going to announce. (I am in fact considering the new iPhone too, even though these two are very different devices)

    2. I wanted to see how Motorola handled the release. So far I haven’t been terribly impressed. The coloured backs, although advertised, have not really been seen in stores, nor easily accessible online. In fact they have the same issue with the coloured Moto E bands here too. I wanted to see if Staples got an unlocked version (still not holding my breath), and whether a variant was going to come out in the US. That would be important because without a US launch, accessory manufacturers and app developers looking to make their apps compatible may skip over this phone as it will not have as much mass adoption as it could with a US release

    3. I wanted to wait for a few reviews, which had come out, and I’m okay with the results.

    4. Now with Nexus rumours for the 29th, it may be irresponsible again to buy a phone. I’m okay with paying a premium price for a premium phone as long as I believe in the company behind it. Especially if they don’t make me jump through hoops to buy/unlock/service it.

    It’s really unfortunate that Canada largely doesn’t get the mid-range to high end unlocked phone direct-to-consumer sales that the US typically has access to.

    I’ve pretty much derailed my own thread here, but it’s just a mind dump of why I haven’t bought this phone (yet, if at all)

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