WIND Mobile Moto G 2014 Android 5.0.2 Lollipop OTA Appearing

    • Moto G 2014 Android 5.0.2 Lollipop OTA Appearing
  • Jon

    Stock (unmodified, subsidy locked) Moto G 2014 (XT1064) purchased at Wind Mobile retail store in Vancouver in January 2015.

    Today, May 01, 2015, received Andoid 5.0.2 (notification “Learn More” reads “Android 5.0) OTA in Vancouver.

    Model number: Moto G (2nd Generation)
    Android version: 5.0.2
    Baseband version: MSM8626BP_1032.3112.97.00R RETCA_CUST
    Kernel version: 3.4.42-g332f3a4
    hudsoncm@ilclbld73 #1
    Sat Mar 14 16:43:01 CDT 2015
    System version: 22.46.2titan_retca.retca.en.CA retca
    Build number: LXB22.99-24.2

    Wind Mobile - Moto G 2014 - Android 5.0.2 - OTA

  • BradFortin

    That’s not Apple related, why are you talking about this?

  • Great news! I am going to flash Kitkat from WIND hoping to get the update, right now I am using US Lollipop with Kitkat modem.

  • HilmanHilman

    Is it stable? Have you encountered any bugs yet?

    • Jon

      No, I have not encountered any bugs thus far, although It has been less than 24 hours since I installed the update.

      I have not tested every function and feature yet. The following seem to be functioning normally:

      Telephone: inbound calls; outbound calls; dialler; and speed-dial to voicemail.
      Texting: SMS (I haven’t tried MMS yet).
      Browsing: working over both mobile data and wifi (page loads/renders seem much faster to me).
      WiFi: working.
      Camera: working.
      Gallery: working.
      Play Music: working.
      Gmail: working.
      Sync: working.
      Lock Screen: working (PIN).
      Flashlight: working (now part of the OS, accessible by dragging down from the top of the screen to expose the Quick Settings toggles). Now you can uninstall third-party flashlight/torch apps – good riddance.

      I haven’t tested GPS or Bluetooth yet.

      On phone builds, Lollipop takes away the Power Control Widget, so if you were accustomed to using it, you’ll miss it now that it’s gone and experience frustration/annoyance adjusting to it’s absence.
      Power Control Widget

      Prior to updating, I would urge you to do the following:

      1. Ensure the battery is at least 75% charged;
      2. Plug the phone in to its charger and make sure it is in fact charging.
      3. Power off the phone.
      4. Power on the phone.
      5. Turn on WiFi
      6. Download the update over WiFi rather than mobile data if possible.
      7. Be aware that your phone will be unusable for at least 20 minutes during the update, so perform the update at a time when you won’t need to use your phone and can leave it charging during the update.

      The above represents my personal experience on a single handset, my stock (unmodified, subsidy locked) Moto G 2014 (Moto G 2nd Generation) purchased at a Wind Mobile retail store in Vancouver in January 2015. I performed the update with a 32GB SDHC mounted and the phone charging on the stock Motorola AC adapter. I disclaim any responsibility and/or liability for any consequences of any person or persons performing this update on their device or devices. Perform the update at your own risk!

  • Ray Shogan

    no love for me…. i have a unlocked version from staples

  • Brad Seftel

    I have the moto g 2014 that I purchased from wind back in November 2014 and I live in kitchener, Ontario and still have not received this update yet, I asked wind where it is cause they even posted saying it was available but they just told me to wait I’m getting sick of waiting, does anyone have a link or the file of the update they could post?

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