HTC Problem with my HTC One M9 – What do you think?

    • Problem with my HTC One M9 – What do you think?
  • max.landry


    I’m having a trouble with my brand new HTC One M9, and both HTC and my carrier (Videotron) are saying it’s not their fault…

    It’s a very weird issue. Some of my outgoing calls in my call history are marked as unknown without showing their phone number… Actually, I figured out that it only shows the phone number when I make the call from the LTE network. So the problem seems to occur only on the 3G or HPSA network, which my phone sometimes choose automatically. On the other side, all the incoming calls are showing up, no matter if I’m on the LTE, 3G or HSPA.

    On the screenshot, you clearly see that the call made at 16:52 was made on the LTE network… All the others were made from the 3G.

    What do you think? Is it a software issue or a network issue? I’ve already exchanged the phone and it does the same thing.

    EDIT: I use the phone with Android 5.1 and Sense 7.0 .


  • By chance are you using google voice to make calls? If so you may not be alone.

    Perhaps that is an angle of investigation you can try

  • max.landry

    No, I’m using the HTC default dialer.

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