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    So I just recently ordered a Z3 Compact from the Sony website. I had been checking out the Sony site as well as some other sites to purchase the Z3C and I noticed that the phone was frequently listed as out of stock or back ordered. I wonder if this is do to the popularity of this phone or just Sony having inventory problems. i wonder how many Sony has sold. It would be really nice if the popularity of this phone lead to more brands offering a phone this size with flagship specs, not everyone wants a phablet.

  • I’ve also noticed that it has been out of stock on a regular basis. I am going to guess that its a combination of popularity of the unlocked model as well as low inventory.

    The thing is, I think that more people looking for a smaller phone are still buying the Apple iPhone 5S. Although it is starting to get old, Apple’s decision to discount it and sell it alongside the 6 and 6 plus has probably kept its sales strong.

    The only 2 options to buy the Z3 Compact are through Bell or at full price through Sony. This in itself has hampered the adoption of this phone here, as most phones are sold on contract, and I don’t think the Z3 Compact is compelling enough to get someone to switch to a new carrier. I give Sony kudos for selling unlocked devices though here, as it is something that Samsung, Motorola, HTC, and LG have not been able to achieve.

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