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    • Upgrading from Iphone 5 to OnePlus 3 – few questions
  • Mark

    So to be honest I’m not a mobile junkie… I know a lot about technology but not about phones, so I’ve got a few questions about upgrading as the Iphone 5 is the only smart phone I’ve ever had… I’ve been using the Iphone 5 for almost 4 years.

    My corporate plan from Rogers is very good, I’ve got 6gb of data plus a lot of other features for less than $60 a month. It’s time for me to get a new phone, and I’m ready to switch to Android. I don’t really want to go to Rogers because that would mean that I have to give up my current plan and switch to one of the newer more expensive plans that have less data than my current plan.

    I’ve been using an Android tablet for a while and I’m comfortable enough with Android that I want to make the switch, and I’m pretty settled on getting a One Plus 3… so just had a few questions about this process…

    So from my understanding the Iphone 5 that I currently have uses a Nano Sim, and from what I’ve read I believe that the OnePlus 3 also uses a Nano Sim… so I’m assuming that I don’t have to buy one of those cutters to cut my Sim down to a smaller size? Is that right?

    Next question is… so how does this work… do I just Power down my Iphone 5, pull out the SIM card, put the SIM card into the OnePlus 3, and power it up.. I guess it will then prompt me for the SIM card unlock code?

    And is that it… am I good to go after that?

    Do I have to tell Rogers anything? Or will the phone just work once I’ve unlocked the SIM card?

    I’ve got all of my contacts in my Gmail… does the new phone dialer somehow download those contacts or do I have to enter them all manually?

  • Thanks for posting! You should be okay with your Nano sim, at least I think so. Just pop it out of your old phone an put it into the OnePlus 3. You don’t have to notify Rogers or anything, as long as teh phone is unlocked. If your contacts are in gmail, they’ll just carry over.

    Let me know if we can help more!

  • You should also do the procedure to de-register your Phone number from iMessage :

    • ZachZach
      Community Manager

      De-regeistering is a must! if you don’t, people who have an iPhone will have a hard time contacting you.

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