Automotive Will Apple CarPlay or Android Auto affect what car you buy?

    • Will Apple CarPlay or Android Auto affect what car you buy?
  • With the battle for the car dashboard about to take place, we are seeing some pretty cool stuff come out in the way of Android Auto and Apple Carplay.

    There are several car manufacturers that have partnered with both Apple and Google to ensure compatibility with both standards, but there are still some that are on one side only.

    For example, Acura, Infiniti, Bentley and Maserati are all Android Auto partners, but not partnered with Apple CarPlay.

    Conversely, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Toyota and Land Rover are some of the manufacturers that will have Apple CarPlay and have not announced Android Auto support.

    Is your desired mobile ecosystem enough to influence your decision on a vehicle and vehicle manufacturer?

  • ShinraCorp

    Nope cause I have a Windows Phone so neither works well 😛 I mean I have a Chevy Volt 2011 works very well with my Windows Phone via Bluetooth.

  • Simon M.

    I just ordered a VW Golf GTI 2016 will the new dashboarding which is compatible with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. I wasn’t sure about it when I was shopping, but I was happy to hear it was. Otherwise, I don’t think I would have choose another car for that reason, but it’s something I would have been disappointed about.

    My dealer tried to sell me a 2015, but I insisted on getting a 2016 specifically for this feature.

  • No, for a couple of reasons:

    – My mobile ecosystem of choice is BlackBerry, and sadly BlackBerry 10 (10.3.1) still doesn’t have MirrorLink Support (which is asinine in this day and age but that is another topic).

    – Other aspects of a vehicle such as price, fuel economy, performance, warranty, and overall look, still outweigh the infotainment system for me. In other words, would I like a fancy radio? Yes, but not if it means giving up the other stuff.

    – Bluetooth is great (when it all works). In my previous vehicle equipped with Ford’s SYNC, all of my music on my phone was available through SYNC. It was crystal clear, and worked well (admittedly after a few software updates on both the car and the phone). All I did was turn on the car, it would automatically pair with my Z10 and then start playing music off the device. My library was even browseable and searchable through the SYNC interface and ID3 tags were displayed on screen. So, while Bluetooth may not have nearly the same functionality as a MirrorLink setup, it does the fundamentals pretty well.

  • Stuntman

    I just want standards that allow all devices to connect with all cars. BT connectivity is nice. However, I find that for whatever reason, certain things don’t work between my car and phone. Music works, but sometimes the controls don’t work. It auto plays on connect, but sometimes it doesn’t auto play. The phone manual says I can download my contacts into the car directory, but that doesn’t work. Just make a standard and make sure every device adheres to that standard and functions without any weird issues.

  • JTonJTon

    Considering the price tag difference between a car and a smartphone. I think my choice of car will influence what smartphone I buy. I am a bit agnostic when it comes to smartphone platforms though

  • pedropedro

    I do like VW’s approach to this in supporting Android, Apple and MirrorLink to offer a wide range of options to let the consumer decide what smartphone solution they want to use (and allow that to change over the life of the car).

    I haven’t been a big fan of Toyota for a while but their decision not to support Android or Apple auto solutions is another strike against them.

    It’s not the only factor but it does become another item on the checklist because I have suffered through poor OEM radio and nav units and it becomes a constant source of aggravation since you interact with these systems so much. Many cars in the same segment are so competitive with each other in terms of price, performance, reliability, fuel economy, etc. and comfort/convenience items start to be the differentiating factors.

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