Mobilicity WIND or Mobilicity?

    • WIND or Mobilicity?
  • memememememe

    So I’m with Fido, considering a move to save some money. WIND or Mobilicty?

  • I think you are going to have to figure out:

    1. Which carrier covers your area better
    2. Which carrier plan that matches your needs the best
    3. If your current phone supports these two networks (otherwise you will have a higher ‘cost’ to switch if you need to buy a new phone)

  • memememememe

    It’s probably Wind but I hear that they dropped calls are crazy. I don’t make calls that much, but still. At Fido I pay about 60/month and wind has this $35/month plan. Not sure for $15 if it’s worth it. My N5 is unlocked and contract ends in a few months

  • nekkidtruthnekkidtruth

    It depends entirely on where you live. I’m in London and have experienced maybe 2 dropped calls since becoming a WIND customer in Dec 2013. By dropped call, I mean without cause/reason. Walking into an elevator or underground parking garage or somewhere your signal drops to nothing, doesn’t really count.

  • SyrupCast references to WIND quality in toronto- Daniel on SyrupCast 30 recanting a friend’s experience:

    Even listening from the point I linked to the end, they talk about the carriers and value vs user experience on the big 3.

  • mc

    I was on Mobilicity for 2 years, then switched to Wind about 18 months ago.
    I live and work (spend 90% of my time) in Vancovuer, and the neighboring communities (Burnaby, Richmond, New Westminster, etc).
    During that 2 years with Mobilicity, I had 1 dropped call.
    In 18 months with Wind, I’ve had zero dropped calls.

    Mobilicity has better prices, but in this region, but Wind has slightly better coverage. And better bundling options since I use multiple lines.

  • memememememe

    I live in Toronto and Fido (Rogers) is good. Not that I really care but they have some cool benefits like the Vice stuff that just came out. Another thing I like about wind is the roaming packages (I travel to NYC about 2 times a year)

  • memememememe

    ok, nobody answers a phone at a Mobilicity store. lol

  • simplysic

    I will was Mobilicity for 9months. Those 9 months were the most unbearable experiences with dropped calls, shoddy reception and non-existant customer support. I moved to Virgin mobile and have yet to look back especially with the way the rates of plans are these days.

    I’m rooting for WIND which is why I got my mom a new line this Mothers Day, she’s the light user WIND is built for

    and that’s the problem in their infrastructures, they’re meant for the avg. low end user. I’m very happy with my LTE service from the Bell Network with everything included <$55/mnth.

  • Been with Wind for two years and the only reason I’d switch is if I moved to an area not serviced by Wind. Now, with their recent purchases at the last spectrum auction, they’re looking at bringing in LTE. Unlimited talk/text/data (yeah 3g/HSPA+, but fast enough for most of my needs, I’ve even streamed Netflix while on a Go bus with no problems) for $40 a month.

  • Perhaps a lot of people experience call drops with either Wind or Mobilicty due to hard hand-offs between their network and the network that they are partnered with? So depending on the map coverage for Wind or Mobilicity vs where you live now would be a starting point.

    As Joe mentioned, Wind just bought some spectrum and combined with the new wireless wholesale rates that Wind will be getting from Rogers, their quality will certainly be getting better. However sooner or later their price plans may increase to reflect that as well.

  • measter85

    Also consider Mobilicity is in bankruptcy protection. They won’t be around much longer.

  • @measter85 said:
    Also consider Mobilicity is in bankruptcy protection. They won’t be around much longer.

    I think some people may have jumped on the Mobilicity train when Telus was trying to buy them in hopes that they would get their Mobi plan grandfathered in to Telus’ superior network.

  • almosttt

    I would recommend WIND. As long as their coverage works for your needs. Unlike MOBILICITY, WIND still has decent retail presence. Mobilicity seems to been circling the drain the last little while. You will be able to get customer service, or support if/when you need it with WIND. You could also call fido and perhaps pay off your device balance and join one of their BYOD plans. They have recently had a 45$ a month BYOD plan that has unlimited Canada-Wide calling with 1GB of data (if that suits your needs). That way your paying only a little more than you would on WIND but you wouldn’t have to worry about coverage areas. Good Luck!

  • memememememe

    @almosttt said:
    Mobilicity seems to been circling the drain the last little while.

    no kidding. Nobody answers their phone and was on hold for too long. The only thing that I am worried about wind is when I travel. Not only to the states but up north to the cottage.

  • memememememe

    ok, got Wind. Will share my thoughts on reception in T.O.

  • ABWagner

    As others have noted, it depends on where you are, where you travel to and whether you need continuous coverage. I’ve been with Wind in Edmonton since about a month after they arrived in Edmonton and I am on their Holiday Miracle plan for $40 a month. Great savings over Telus, Bell or Rogers and it works great for me. Personally, Rogers screwed me over in the past and I refuse to do business with them, but others I know use them, so, whatever works for you.

    Winds coverage area has increased considerably, but remains limited in Alberta to metro Edmonton and metro Calgary. I am mostly in Edmonton and don’t need continuous coverage so if I do have to leave town I accept that I lose service and that is fine for me. I’ve used Wind in Calgary and no issues for me with that.

    Costs previous to late last year on roaming was horrendous with Rogers at a reported $1,000.00 per GB so I’ve always had roaming turned off my original Nokia phone and remains so on my iPhone.

    Data speeds with Wind are slower than the big three. No idea how Wind compares to Mobilicity. The extra 30MHz of bandwidth Wind got in the recent AWS auction won’t be usable until 2016 at the earliest and will reportedly require a new phone to use but who knows until it is actually deployed.

    I seldom have dropped calls and it’s not clear whether my phone or who I was talking to was the issue/problem.

    You can use an app to check real coverage for each carrier. I’ve been using CoverageMap by RootMetrics on my iPhone 5S to map out Winds actual coverage area over the last half year or so in Edmonton. Others have been adding some coverage too but there are still areas that need exploring. Supposed to be an Android version of this app but I have no experience with it.

    I would highly encourage others to use this app or others to try to help map out Winds actual coverage area, or Mobilicity, Bell, Telus or Rogers if you are on them. Of course it does use up data and if you only get so much, it will cost you. I’m willing to use some of my 5GB of “full speed” data to map things out before my data speeds drop. Most other Wind coverage areas don’t have as much mapping as Edmonton does now on the CoverageMap app.

    My sister started off with Mobilicity but coverage in Edmonton is mostly Edmonton city limits and not much of metro Edmonton (St Albert, Sherwood Park, Ft Saskatchewan, Nisku, Leduc, international airport is Wind supported). Wind has some coverage west of Edmonton out to Acheson but minimally further west and only for higher elevations where you pick up Edmonton towers.

    Hope this and others comments help you make a decision that works for you. There are lots of variables to influence you.

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